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Easily track wallet holdings and trades with MetaTools by pasting them into the platform. In version 2, leverage the expertise of celebrities, elites, and influencer wallets through our 3-tier copy trading system. Token Fomo
Preview all ERC mainnet tokens before liquidity with confidence by researching the deployer's wallet on the MetaTools platform. V2 adds advanced features such as a honey pot sniffer and other upgrades. VIP Room
Achieve maximum profits and gains with our high-profile trades that have seen over 100x multipliers, using MetaTools' 3 triggers: contract deployment, LP addition, and trading activation. Staking
Enjoy flexible staking with no lock-ins and earn 15% APY. Deposit and withdraw funds as desired. Maximize returns through compounding, a popular strategy among investors using MetaTools. Swap Experience seamless self-swapping with MetaToolsERC. Enjoy cost savings, fast trades without long confirmations, wallet-based swapping for privacy, and access to diverse assets through our crypto swap.
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