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Outlining Phase Milestones
Phase 1: Completed The completed Private sale of MetaToolsERC was successful with audit and KYC protocols capped at 10 ETH on the Ethereum blockchain with a 3-month liquidity lock. 250 members joined via Telegram/Twitter and included meme competitions.
Phase 2: In Progress Website upgrades and increased Telegram membership to 1000, 250 wallet holders. Focus on NFT marketplace listings and Medium's trending MetaTools section. Aiming for partnerships with well-known influencers and listings on CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap. Target: Trending topic on Avadex.
Phase 3: Goal: First central exchange listing with a Telegram community of 2000 members, and 2500 wallet holders. Launch of NFT marketplace.
Phase 4: Revise project roadmap, and pursue and establish long-term partnerships.
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